New website design launched!

by MrWasdennnoch on 9th July, 2018

If you see this the new website design is online! To be precise it's not just a new design but a whole new self-coded backend. Previously it was running WordPress with a default theme and a few plugins. Easy to manage but way too overkill for my needs. I mean, why run a fully-blown WordPress installation if you only publish an article maybe twice per year (even less actually)? Another reason for me to change was the (comparably) high SQL cost since WordPress seems to really like databases.

Previously I had pretty limited resources for my website which was the initial trigger to create a custom, database-less website because the database was the biggest cost factor I had at that time. So I started to write my own website from scratch. Initially I decided to use the Material Design Light CSS framework and started coding it in PHP (ew). It... worked. Sort of. There was inlined PHP code everywhere and it got awful to code further. At some point I decided to stop this madness and switch to a different programming language. I chose Node.js since it's extremely popular and hence there is a wide variety of modules available that lift most of the work off your shoulders. Another reason for me was that I just dislike the style of PHP. Don't ask me why. To me it just feels so much better to write JavaScript than PHP. If you want a list off many more reasons just google "PHP is awful", there are thousands of posts that address all of its problems.

But after some time of development I wasn't quite happy with the code and design. I'm not a good designer at all and I guess I haven't yet quite figured out how to use Material Design on the web properly. So I rewrote the website again, this time using the Darkly Bootstrap theme. I like how it turned out, especially the sidebar. It's responsive even! Well, close enough. Plus I got myself a VPS which doesn't have the constraints I mentioned earlier, meaning I can do whatever the hell I want resource-wise (as long as I don't hit the VPS limits of course, but it's way better than previously), most meaningful a database again and I can also use the VPS to host other stuff next to this website.

And so I ended up with version 2 which you see now. The code is properly separated from the markup, there is no eye bleach code anywhere, there are way more things to customize, it's more extensible, yada yada yada. I can also easily write plugins that run separated from the main code so I can just simply add a new sub-site without having to reference it everywhere in the code. I can also update them individualy and they can run completely independent from the main site.

There is one tiny drawback though, there are no comments anymore. But honestly noone ever really used them anyways. I mean, would you right now want to leave a comment? No? See? We don't want the comments to end up like this. And if I ever feel in need of some comments or friends or any social interaction please kill me I can just grab Disqus and put it on here.

So - if you find any bugs, have any critique or anything else related to the new site lies on your heart shoot me a message either on Github or one of the links in the sidebar.