[Xposed] Android N-ify - Use Android N features on Lollipop+ devices!

by MrWasdennnoch on 25th March, 2016

I present to you my new module: Android N-ify!
It allows you to use several features introduced in Android N on your Lollipop and Marshmallow device!

The module supports the new settings dashboard with subtitles that show you the most important information. Your notification shade will be completely redesigned to match the new look in Android N. This includes the new Quick Settings and header design. Quick Switch (double-tapping the recents button to quickly switch to the previously used app) also got implemented.

You want the new recents design? You got it! Want the new package installer design? Sure! Quick reply? Quick settings editor? Emergency info? Navigation drawer in settings? Yup!

Have a look at this module in the support thread! There you can also find some additional information about what's supported, what will be supported in newer versions and what's impossible to implement.