by MrWasdennnoch on 21st March, 2016

Some guy from Germany programming various stuff for fun.

How it began

It all started somewhere mid-2014 when I first got an Arduino. You know, this blue microcontroller board almost everybody builds crazy stuff with even until now. When I was thinking what to do with this little board, I had the idea to create a RGB LED strip light that you can control using your smartphone. I found a good tutorial on the internet, built it, installed the app, it was working fine.

But something bothered me. It was the app. It was more of an experimental app than an actual daily-usage app. As hard as I looked for alternatives, I couldn't find a good one. But the apps I found all used different input methods. Some used regular sliders to separately control the red, green and blue components, other used a HSV color picker and some other used a completely different method.

At this point I thought: 'Why not combine all of them into a single app?'. And that's how it all started. I looked up some tutorials, installed Android Studio (which at this time had the version 0.8) and started programming. Important to note is that at this time I didn't even knew Java. Seriously. I did the stupidest thing somebody could possibly do and learned Java by programming an Android application.

But somehow magically it worked. Now I know how to program in Java, and more important, know how to program Android apps in Java. And XML. And all that sort of stuff that you need. At some point I rooted my phone (SGS3), discovered the amazing Xposed framework and, half a year later, installed a custom ROM (BlissPop, for the curious. I'm using a different one now).

There's always something you want to modify, but sometimes there's no Xposed module out there to change the things you want to be changed. In my case, I wanted to make the lock pattern view a bit more appealing, more... amazing. But there was no module which actually did that. That was the reason why I started developing LockMod. Some months later, Google surprisingly published the developer preview of Android N. Many people were amazed by e.g. the new Settings design. So was I, and because there still was no module available some days after the release, I developed one myself: Android N-ify. And, what should I say, people like it.

That was my developer story. Probably long and uninteresting, but I had fun writing it. Sidenote: The app to control the strip light never got released, and I abandoned it because I don't have a usage for it. The app also is built on old, messy code because it's the first app I developed and I didn't had much experience at that time. Maybe I will rewrite it at some point in the future, but not now.