New website design launched!

by MrWasdennnoch on 9th July, 2018

If you see this the new website design is online! To be precise it's not just a new design but a whole new self-coded backend. Previously it was running WordPress with a default theme and a few plugins. Easy to manage but way too overkill for my needs. I mean, why run a fully-blown WordPress installation if you only publish an article maybe twice per year (even less actually)? Another reason for me to change was the (comparably) high SQL cost since WordPress seems to really like databases.

How to logcat

by MrWasdennnoch on 2nd July, 2016

When you begin to heavily modify your device to fit your imagination of a perfect UI and functionality, i.e. by flashing Xposed and installing (or possibly developing) Xposed modules, you'll get to hear the term "logcat" more and more. What is it and how do you get it? This article will teach you the basics.

[Xposed] Android N-ify - Use Android N features on Lollipop+ devices!

by MrWasdennnoch on 25th March, 2016

I present to you my new module: Android N-ify!
It allows you to use several features introduced in Android N on your Lollipop and Marshmallow device!

The module supports the new settings dashboard with subtitles that show you the most important information. Your notification shade will be completely redesigned to match the new look in Android N. This includes the new Quick Settings and header design. Quick Switch (double-tapping the recents button to quickly switch to the previously used app) also got implemented.

[Xposed] LockMod - Tweak your Lollipop+ lockscreen!

by MrWasdennnoch on 20th February, 2016

I'm proud to present you my first Xposed module (and in general my first ever released app): LockMod.

This module allows you to modify your lockscreen and do some crazy stuff with it, for example change the colors and sizes of your pattern, change some timings and even choose between 3 rainbow shaders! Additionally, you can change several timing options and set different animation interpolators.